Q-Cup© Round Paper cups

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DescriptionQ-cup – greaseproof Swedish paper. Top of the line for technical performancesHow to figure out the correct cup sizeThe size of the cup is determined by 3 measurements: Bottom, Wall, FlatBottom is the base of the cup (A in picture)Wall is the height of the cup (H in picture)Flat is the measure across the flat paper (B in picture)

260 R 25581″5/82518582000Round10,000EU#2
260 R 27621-3/162 1000Round10000Special Order
2601-1/42 1000Round10000US#15CX
260 R 501201-3/82 1000Round10000EU#7US#20CX
260 R 551301-1/22-3/16 1000Round10000 
260 R 551341-9/162-3/16 1000Round10000Special Order
260 R 561451-3/42-3/16 1000Round10000Special Order
260 R 571411-11/162-1/4 1000Round10000Special Order
260 R 571521-7/82-1/4 500Round10000 
260 R 581101-1/82-1/4 1000Round10000Special Order
260 R 581201-1/42-1/4 1000Round10000Special Order
2606011012-1/4 1000Round10000EU #8


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